Some more Refugee thoughts with video

I have been thinking again about the controversy in the United States around the issue of Refugees.  The United States recently hit Obama’s goal of bringing in Syrian Refugees. I wrote some thoughts on this in November last year in the post: About Those Syrian Refugees…  I do hope things work out for these recent arrivals in the United States because they probably are not going home anytime soon.  They are now likely permanent residence of the United States.

Most refugee immigrants do not cause problems and are probably grateful to be here.  In the past few years in seems like the children of refugees have caused a bit more problems with attacks in Boston (Chechen) and Orlando (Afghanistan).  There have been more issues with groups of certain backgrounds integrating in Europe.  It might be true more people leaving Europe to join ISIS are second generation immigrants.  It would be interesting to look at this data.

Some cases of the United States bringing in a refugee population I think have been admirable.  For example the United States letting 60,000 ethnic Nepalese move to the country after they were kicked out of Bhutan, the country famous for creating the “Gross Happiness index”.   You can read this article from the Guardian while keeping that in mind – “Gross national happiness in Bhutan: the big idea from a tiny state that could change the world, Bhutan measures prosperity by gauging its citizens’ happiness levels, not the GDP. Now its ideas are attracting interest at the UN climate change conference in Doha”.  Sort of makes you think hmm with the context of expelling a large chunk of their population.  Or maybe the expulsion of the Nepalese made them more happy (What the asjfjsvdfsdsrwq!fs)?  The Nepalese community so far it seems has been doing ok in the USA.

Thinking about the Bhutanese and the Nepalese reminds me of the experiences between the Greeks and Turks.  Greece and Turkey seem to have worked better together after their population exchanges .  The Island of Cyprus is still divided and that does not looked to be solved soon.  Sometimes it seems or more than just sometimes forces seems to pull groups apart rather together.  The issues around why the ethnic Nepalese were kicked out of Bhutan in the first place, democracy, integration of outsiders successful or not cause and the effects of events and there ramifications has a lot to do with something I have been saying which is the decisions that are made don’t happen in vacuum.

Some visuals:

The Film Exodus staring Paul Newman about Refugees from Europe in the Middle East. :

I guess some people from the last film got displaced and end up in the film Deadline staring Christoper Walken.  Refugees made Refugees from the Refugees from Europe from in the last movie.  How often do people mistake Lebanon for Disneyland?:

Events on one side of the world can have far reaching repercussions on other parts of the world. This is true with the events and refugees in the last two clips in particular.  Issues surrounding this today causes controversy in places like Austin, Texas where I live today.  This is from an event at the University of Texas last year.  In this context could you call the Pro-Palestinian student protester an anti-refugee activist?

Sometimes there are a lot of unintended consequences with moving people around.

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