Some EU Brexit Thoughts

Well the Brits now seem to be on their way out of the European Union.  A lot of things still need be worked out and its probably going to be a confusing mess for those involved in the logistics of dislocation.  Maybe something will happen and they don’t end up leaving.

I do believe in the end goal of the EU or something greater but feel things have been rushed with the project.  With end goal I mean free movement of people.  Currently there are issues with this when you have open borders with counties with large income and cultural differences.  But slowly the world in coming closer together in terms of values and income.  People try to create their perfect government or society and hit set backs when they push things too quickly.  Rather long term success could be better had with a slow and steady pace of advancing ideas.

When the EU had set backs there was less lets stop and think about what just happened and more lets create an easy work around.  This was the case with the EU Constitution which failed in elections in France and Holland.  It was then quickly reformatted into the Lisbon Treaty and passed thought national parliaments.  Ireland voted on the Lisbon Treaty and it lost but then they had a re-vote a little later and it passed.  How often does that happen in elections?  The people vote wrong and then have a re-vote.  Many in the UK are already pushing for a re-vote from the vote last week.  I guess when the EU loses as in Ireland re-votes are always possible.

I have been generally sympathetic to the UK Out supporters in the In/Out debate.  Most of the issues I have with the EU are fixable.  Although these are things people have been pointing out for years and these things have not changed much for the better.  I also take issue with what I think is some hypocrisy of some from the IN side and the EU in general.

  • The Brexit side is constantly called racist yet the EU seems to be a club for majority White Christian countries.  Look at the EU map…  Now you may say Europe is Europe but could someone get away with calling anything besides the EU the “Euro Club” with similar entrance policies?
  • The EU has had a democracy deficit for years.  The elected EU parliament is more of a talking shop.  Again these complaints have been said for years and with not much changes.  Why?  Maybe because the Eurocrats lose so many elections.  Holland and France vote no on the EU constitution and then it magically becomes the Lisbon treaty and forced through.
  • EU Bureaucracy & Administration – The EU has more than a few different presidents.  Are they all needs?  The most questionable bureaucrat spending is packing up a few times a year and moving the EU Parliament from Brussels to Strasbourg.  Make sense?

Brit FlagThere is just too much hypocrisy with the European leadership which causes credibility issues.  Things like when EU says they are cracking down on tax avoidance.  Yet the European commission president Jean Claude Junker when prime minister of Luxembourg was the one who set up a lot questionable tax deals.  Angela Merkel the German Chancellor  (who has the real power in the EU) likes criticizing human rights in Russia and Saudi Arabia but is the biggest buyer of Russian gas and allows German companies to sell army tanks to Saudi Arabia.

Hopefully the UK leaving will cause the Eurocrats to reflect on a few things and this all work out better down the road.  No rush needed 😉

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4 Responses to Some EU Brexit Thoughts

  1. Mason Akers says:

    Do you think that the exit process will consist of so many mitigating treaties, that any true divorce will be merely titular?

    • Trevor says:

      There seems to be a lot of confusion on what leaving actually means. The vote was really a vote on some vaguely worded document that is not legally enforceable. From what I have read it was some kind of “advisory vote”. So as of now no one seems know where this will lead. I’m guessing is not going to be a clean break and when all said and done still a lot of overlap on various things with the EU.

  2. Eeee says:

    But you are ignoring immigration, which is the major issue driving the vote.

    • Trevor says:

      I agree. Should of said something about how low skill immigration from poorer countries affects home prices and the supply and demand of entry level jobs.

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