Postwar: The Legacy of War

Post War

  1. The Legacy of War
  • “Everywhere there is a craving for miracles and cures.  The war has pushed the Naples-44Neapolitans back to the middle ages”. – Norman LewisNaples ’44
  • In September 1944 there were 7,487,000 foreigners working in Germany,  most against there will and they constituted 21 percent of the country’s labor force.
  • (WWII) The greatest material damage was done by the unprecedented bombing campaigns of the western allies in 1944- 1945, and the relentless advance of the red army from Stalingrad to Prague.  …. french coastal towns were destroyed by the American air force. …dozens of German cities were laid waste by American and British carpet bombing..
  • 75% of the buildings in Berlin were uninhabitable at wars end.
  • Estimate 19 million civilians died in WWII
  • Rough estimates twice as many Soviet civilian deaths as military
  • Stalin’s killing of 23,000 Polish officers in Katyn forest 1940Berlin in 1945
  • Population losses WWII Poland 1/5, USSR 1/11, Greece 1/14, Germany 1/15, France 1/77, Britain 1/125
  • At wars end in the Soviet Union women out numbered men by 20 million.
  • Marriage of Maria Braun (1979)
  • Soviet rape in invaded Germany: between 150,000 and 200,000 “Russian babies” were born in Germany 1945-46.
  • Dutch from Holland who refused work opportunities  in Pre-1939 Germany would loss their unemployment benefits back in Holland.  Trapped in WWII Germany, then having problems returning to Holland post war.
  • Postwar pogroms in Poland
  • Germans were 29% of the population of today’s Czech Republic in 1930 and 1.8% in 1950
  • During WWII 6,000 Germans administered 35 million French.  The French did not cause as much problems during the occupation as others…


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