Postwar: Retribution

Post War

2. Retribution

  • In Western Europe where real resistance had actually been some of the least in WWII the myth of resistance mattered most.
  • Milices Patriotiqueslossy-page1-220px-This_girl_pays_the_penalty_for_having_had_personal_relations_with_the_Germans._Here,_in_the_Montelimar_area,_France..._-_NARA_-_531211.tif
  • “Collaboration Horizontale”
  • Hiroshima mon amour
  • By April 1946 (Post WWII) 1,200 Jews were killed In liberated Poland.
  • Norway had the highest percent of people punished for Nazi collaboration.
  • France had low punishment for collaboration because there was so much of it.
  • Schio Prison
  • Pope Pius XII
  • Palmiro Togliatti
  • Robert Brasillach ( The execution remains a subject of some controversy, because Brasillach was executed for “intellectual crimes”, rather than military or political actions. )
  • Austria “Hitter’s first victim”… but high rates of Nazi membershipHis_Holiness_Pope_Pius_XII
  • Soviet judges judged crimes committed by Nazis which they themselves committed
  • French, British and American zones in Germany after democracy was returned any difference in voting???….  I can guess how the Soviet zone voted….
  • Hard to find non Nazis in Bonn after the war.  102 out of 122 doctors had been Nazis members.
  • Some Germans were made to watch concentration camp films to get food rations.
  • By 1952 one third of foreign ministry officials had been Nazi members.
  • Fredrich Flick
  • In 1952 25% of west Germans still had a good opinion of Hitler.
  • The combination of how many ex Nazis there were and the low support for the East German Communist, the Communist were more forgiving of Nazis.  In return many ex Nazis joined the communist.
  • Klaus Barbie
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