Japanese Baseball Team Names

Somewhat interesting…  Looking through some current events on Wikipedia I came across the headline that the Hokkaido Nippon Ham had beaten the Hiroshima Carp to win the Japanese World Series.  So the Ham beat the Carp.  For some reason I could not see any American sports team being named the Ham or Carp.  Many Japaneses sports teams are owned by companies and the names of the teams are often associated with the companies.  Hokkaido Nippon Ham is owned by Japanese food processor Nippon Ham.  This I guess is uncommon in the USA.  Up until recently the Seattle Mariners were owned by Nintendo.  I wonder if having a corporate brand so strongly associated with a sports team is a good idea.  If the team is doing well it should help but if the team is a disaster I don’t think its a great idea.  I do wonder how Ham is selling in Japan right now…

Fighters wrap up Japan Series title with dramatic eighth-inning fireworks

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