January 2017


New Years resolution: Be more productive

Downtown Fort Worth

The new year started in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  Typical new years celebrations at Sundance Square in the center of the city.  There is a lot more going on in downtown Fort Worth vs downtown Dallas.  Interesting how those cities 30 minutes apart (without traffic) developed differently.  The trendy bars and restaurants in Dallas are just north of the city center and Fort Worth is surrounded by much more Industry.  Fort Worth maybe more stereotypical Texas with it’s Western Art Museum, Stockyards and over a 1000 natural gas wells in the city.

Legal:    I continue to work on my legal issues with the city of Austin.  I will make my dealings more public shortly to a wider audience.  A lawsuit was filed by myself and written up by myself late last year.  I have not found any city officials to be helpful in addressing my very reasonable complaints.  Issues I raise and ideas about fixing the issues would benefit most everyone.   On the other hand city officials defense of their employs involved in this headache only helps a few.  I would of liked that everyone could of come together and agreed to do something constructive but this is probably not going to happen.


Political: I guess to be more  constructive on other  government accountability projects I have been working with Just Liberty helping to end the current practice of taking people to jail for minor traffic infractions in Texas.  I believe there are probably much better ways to deal with unpaid traffic tickets than taking people to jail.  Maybe community service of some sort?  State Rep. James White has filed HB 567 and has gotten the process rolling on this reform.  James White makes a strong case about how the current system is a waste of police time and tax payer money.

IsThisLost:  IsThisLost.com is back up.  I hope to have the relaunched new site up in the next few months.

Other:  The month ended in Denver, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Sacramento.  My joke about Santa Cruz being the Galveston of California was not appreciated as much as it should of been….

Lakewood Landing, Dallas Texas

Lakewood Landing

Somethings I came across that piqued my interest:

Friend’s Cat and Tree

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