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Does Everyone Know this Article is Useless?

I came across this article from last year recently: “Macklemore’s useless apology: Grammys and the myth of meritocracy”.  With the tagline: “Everyone knows the best new artist would’ve been Kendrick Lamar – if the Grammy awards weren’t founded on lies”. … Continue reading

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High School Guess Speakers

#BeSomebody Speaker Draws Controversy at Austin High School ….Happy this is being ridiculed. The guy leaves his good job implying money and a better lifestyle are evil to then raise a million dollars from venture capital to start a movement … Continue reading

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Ophelimity Gallery

I have been slowly but surely working on my somewhat Art Gallery Website: Ophelimity Gallery.  Promoting the very talented Mason Akers and maybe some more talents in the future.  Check out some of the Masterpieces on display.  Some feedback and … Continue reading

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